2 types of prints now available with this combo package.
Package designed for small events below 300 pax.

2 hours of double photo strips output + 1 hour of double 4R1UP output. You can add standby hour in between if you wish to have a gap between the 2 photo booth slots (additional charges apply). HOW DOES THIS PACKAGE SUITS YOUR EVENT?
✔You have less than 300 guests
✔Photo strips slot during cocktail hour or guests reception/arrival (2 hours). Entertain your guests while waiting for the event to start.
✔4R1UP slot at the end of your event, where guests can have a picture with you just before they leave. 1 copy for you + 1 copy for the guests, memories for the future.
✔ Open format photo booth by live photographer ensures professional service and reliable workflow. No machine beats a professional service.

And what is the price for this new package? Pricelist version 2.2 is now downloadable from the PRICING section of our website.

Book professional photo booth service by @PhotoFavor your #photoboothexpert
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Email : info[at]photofavor.my
Phone : +603-8705 3616 (weekdays, 1030am-630pm

2 + 1 combo photo booth package for small event

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