Product Description

  1. What’s included in the service package?
      1. Hire of fabric backdrop* complete with stand
      2. Hire of photo booth attendant
      3. hire of standard photo booth props displayed on our own table
      4. Hire of self-service photo booth kiosk with dedicated dye-sublimation photo printer
      5. Unlimited session producing double copy of customized photo strip print (limited to design/option available in our catalog)
      6. Downloadable soft-copy ready 3 days after event day (download link provided on each prints)
      7. Up to 4 hours of photo booth operation
  2. How to book this service/
    1. Pick your event date and photo booth start time
    2. Provide information on  your event venue. A complete address is appreciated. This information is crucial to calculate any transportation charges (if any).
    3. Click the button ‘Check availability’ and your booking enquiry will be added into the shopping cart.
    4. If you are booking for multiple events, repeat step 1-3 for each event, and then view the cart when you are done.
    5. Complete the whole checkout process by providing your personal details and reading our Terms & conditions.
    6. By clicking the ‘Request confirmation’ button, a booking enquiry with all your details will be sent to us. No payment is required at this stage.
    7. If the date and time is available, we will send you an email with an invoice for payment of deposit (30% of total amount) to confirm the booking.
    8. If you agree to confirm the booking, make payment by clicking the payment link provided in the email and you will be brought to a webpage with payment instructions.
    9. However, if you change your mind and do not wish to continue the booking, you may ignore the invoice.
    10. The invoice emailed to you will be cancelled after 3 days of no feedback/payment, after which the event date/time slot will be re-opened again for booking.
  3. Can I view the backdrop / photostrip design catalog prior to booking?

    Yes, certainly. The catalogs are downloadable as follows :

    1. Backdrop catalog
    2. Photostrip template

    However , you are not required to choose your preferred backdrop/photostrip design at this stage. You may inform us of your selection as soon as your booking is successful.


  4. Important setup pre-requisite that I must know

    1. Space : The photo booth operation area requires a space approximately 10 feet by 10 feet and must be a shelter that would completely cover the area to avoid any complication. In some cases, we can squeeze into smaller space, say, 8 feet by 8 feet.
    2. Location : We strongly advise to position the photo booth area away from any loud sound system as it may result in difficult communication between our photo booth attendant and the photo booth users (guests).
    3. Power supply : You are expected to ensure that PhotoFavor have permission to use the nearest electrical point available, preferably non-sharing, and we will connect to it using our own extension cord.
    4. Guest book corner : If you will provide and use a guestbook to keep a copy of each photo strip, do inform PhotoFavor in advance (prior to setup) because you will need to arrange a different table to place your guestbook beside the photo booth. Our table is not suitable for this purpose. You may also need to assign a person in charge of the guestbook in order to remind your guests to leave a copy of the photo strip for you, because let’s face it- who can resist bringing home such cute favors? 🙂

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